Neotel rolls out mobile WiMAX with Alvarion

9 Sep 2008

Macedonian wireless telecoms provider Neotel has selected Alvarion to supply it with a mobile WiMAX network in the 3.5GHz band. The new network will provide voice, advanced data and broadband internet services to corporate and residential users across the country. Alvarion is understood to be partnering with Neocom to supply its 4Motion all-IP mobile WiMAX equipment for the network deployment, with Neotel hopeful of making its first commercial services available to Macedonian users by the end of this month. The rollout is scheduled to be completed by December 2009 at which date Neotel will be able to offer full data and voice services. Alvarion’s 4Motion technology is designed to to provide fixed and mobile personal broadband services, and comprises the core network, radio and IP networking elements and devices.

North Macedonia, Alvarion