Digicel to push ahead with rollout

9 Sep 2008

Acquisitive Caribbean wireless group Digicel is planning to go ahead with the rollout of a mobile network in the Solomon Islands, even before it has a licence to do so. According to local press reports Digicel has given the green light to plans to set up a network of base stations across the islands; unnamed sources in Australia and Solomon Islands are quoted as saying that Digicel has already contracted a company in Oz to deliver telecoms equipment to the remote island chain. Digicel is reported to have applied to operate in the Solomon Islands, but has thus far been denied because of a legal action taken by the state-owned incumbent Solomon Telekom which claims it has a 15 year monopoly on the market. The Solomon Islands government has, however, supported liberalising the telecoms industry and is believed to be supportive of Digicel’s application.

Solomon Islands, Solomon Telekom (Our Telekom)