People Telecom signs on to resell Telstra’s GSM services

8 Sep 2008

People Telecom (PT) has announced that it has signed a deal allowing it to resell Telstra’s GSM services, Australian IT is reporting. The agreement comes following the announcement in August 2008 by PT that it was aiming to resell mobile services from all major carriers; the strategy is an attempt to boost margins after the operator struggled to return an operating profit in its recent financial results. ‘Our new arrangements with Telstra wholesale, combined with improved internal efficiencies, are already underpinning improved operating margins for the People Telecom business,’ PT CEO John Stanton said. The new Telstra-supplied People Telecom mobile plans are expected to be launched this week. The GSM agreement is in addition to an AUD200 million (USD163 million) network services contract that PT signed with Telstra’s wholesale division in February 2008, when it became the first company to resell Telstra’s ADSL2+ broadband service.

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