LTA to equalise GSM frequency allocations in bid to level playing field

5 Sep 2008

Telecoms regulator the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has issued a ruling under which it intends to equalise frequency allocations for all the country’s GSM operators. A report in the Liberian Observer newspaper says the move is designed to level the playing field for all telecoms operators offering services in the country. The LTA states that under Article 84 (1), (2) and (3) of the Telecommunications Law (2007), it has the power to standardise existing licences and harmonise frequencies given out to cellcos. On 23 April 2008 the LTA gave the four GSM mobile operators — Comium Liberia, MTN Liberia (Lonestar Communications), Cellcom Liberia and Atlantic Wireless Liberia (Libercell) — until 7 May 2008 to comply with the authority’s licensing standardisation process as per the new law. The move came after the companies were accused by LTA of refusing to comply with the standardisation process. A spokesman for the watchdog said that any operator which failed to comply would be deemed to have expressed its desire not to continue operating in the sector and/or comply with LTA’s regulatory functions and responsibilities.