France Telecom to appeal CMT decision on access to Telefonica’s fibre network

4 Sep 2008

France Telecom (FT) will appeal the Spanish telecommunications regulator’s decision removing the obligation for Telefonica to give access to its high speed fibre-optic network to rival operators, the Dow Jones is reporting. Orange Espana’s Chief Executive, Jean-Marc Vignolles, said, ‘We will appeal the regulator’s decision next week in the Spanish courts to get a ruling of precautionary measures’. Vignolles maintains that the regulator’s decision undermines competition designed to protect consumers. The move comes after the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) overturned its initial decision, ruling that Telefonica would have to allow competitors to lay cable in its underground cable ducts, but wouldn’t have to share the fibre-optic lines; the CMT claims this will encourage the roll out of alternative networks. Vodafone is among other alternative operators to have also voiced concerns about the CMT’s decision, arguing that operators need a market share of at least 40% to justify investment in their own fibre network.