Spanish government pushes for internet speeds to match advertised levels

2 Sep 2008

Telecommunications companies in Spain will have to adjust internet speeds to match those they advertise, according to Dow Jones. Spain’s Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian announced on 1 September, ‘Internet providers will have to give at least 80% of the download speeds they promise, there are some companies that only reach 30% of the speeds’. The move is likely to impact operators including Telefonica, Orange and Jazztel, with many providers currently offering services that claim to operate at speeds of up to 20Mbps, but often falling short of the advertised speeds.

Sebastian also revealed that the Spanish government will unveil details before the end of 2008 of the Industry Ministry’s strategy for the telecoms sector up to 2012. No financial details have been released, although during the last legislative period the government invested EUR5 billion (USD7.32 billion) on its previous initiatives.