Zain launches new network

26 Aug 2008

Zain Group has announced the launch of commercial operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Zain’s new network has coverage of 53% of the population in 36 major cities and 14 highways spanning over 4,000kms; further coverage is achieved via a roaming agreement with rival operator Mobily. Zain offers a range of 3.5G broadband services that include television, video-calling, rich multimedia content and fast internet access. Zain’s network will be further expanded in stages to eventually cover the entire Kingdom.

Zain Group CEO Dr Saad Al Barrak said: ‘We are delighted to have launched services in the economic powerhouse of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we intend to fulfil our promise to offer the community world-class telecoms services. The experience and resourcefulness of all 22 Zain operations are all committed to supporting the Saudi operation. Coupled with the impressive economic growth that the Kingdom is experiencing, we are confident that all our stakeholders in the Kingdom and beyond will reap excellent rewards in future years.’

Zain Saudi Arabia is a publicly listed company on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

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