RATEL to implement new telecom services prices in 2009

22 Aug 2008

The Serbian telecoms regulatory authority, the Republic Telecommunications Agency (RTA or RATEL), has announced that the new pricelist for telecommunications services will be introduced in 2009. In a press release, the regulator said it was keen to fulfil its role of controlling prices in the telecoms market in order to promote competition. Local newspaper Kurir writes that the country’s Minister of Telecommunications Jasna Matic says she expects the prices of internet and international long-distance calls to go down, while the cost of making domestic telephone calls will go up.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database the fixed line voice telephony market in Serbia continues to be a de facto monopoly of the majority state-owned telco Telekom Srbija. Data published by RATEL shows that at the end of 2006 there were 2.7 million main lines in service, with a waiting list for connection of 428,600 (up from 419,400 at the end of 2005). Fixed line traffic peaked in 2005 at 17.3 billion minutes, before falling to 15.8 billion minutes the following year, principally as a result of wireless substitution.