FiOS is beating targets says Verizon

20 Aug 2008

US wireline carrier Verizon Communications says its FiOS fibre-optic TV, internet and telephony service has already exceeded its initial expectations, four years after it first unveiled the project. The USD23 billion fibre-based network has now been deployed past 19 million households at a cost of around USD4,000 per customer. Verizon’s chief financial officer, Robert J. Barish, told the New York Times that 20% of homes where FiOS is available subscribe to FiOS TV services, while the penetration rate for broadband internet services is 24%. ‘The network we are putting in is pretty future-proof,’ Barish said. ‘If we weren’t doing FiOS, we would have invested a lot more money in our core network. We haven’t needed to do that.’ There were two million FiOS internet subscribers and 1.4 million FiOS TV customers at the end of June, up from 1.1 million and 515,000 respectively a year earlier.

United States, Verizon Communications