Telkom Kenya brings colour to the market

15 Aug 2008

Telkom Kenya is relaunching today under the Orange brand of 51% shareholder France Telecom. Since paying USD390 million for its stake in Telkom in November last year, France Telecom has contributed both financially and strategically to the national operator. Telkom Kenya has been investing heavily in the last six months, and has spent over KES5.5 billion (USD82 million) on infrastructure and maintenance of projects involving digital services, CDMA rehabilitation and the upgrading of fixed networks and information systems.

Telkom has adopted a new logo: predominantly orange in colour of course, launched an enterprise unit and introduced a new product. The improved broadband service will be available nationwide with three levels of entry, and offers speeds of up to 512Kbps at ‘affordable’ rates. Telkom’s GSM networks are expected to launch commercially next month and will be available to customers with quadruple play packages.

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