Israeli government will open access to Bezeq network

15 Aug 2008

Globes Online is reporting that the Israeli government will open access to the network of fixed line incumbent Bezeq. Five months after the Gronau Committee published its detailed recommendations concerning the policy and principles of competition in communications in Israel, Minister of Communications Ariel Atias confirmed that the government would follow the report’s proposals. To further competition in the market, new players will be given unbundled access to Bezeq’s copper wire landline network, and the operator must now create a proposal for wholesale access to be submitted to the Ministry of Communications. As part of the government’s plans Bezeq will be allowed to offer bundled telephony and broadband services, once any single competitor can compete with the incumbent’s infrastructure. Atias also indicated that the government will follow recommendations to allow MVNOs to operate in the market; no details were given as licence terms are still being formulated.