BrT looking to increase availability of PLC, IPTV service

5 Aug 2008

Brasil Telecom (BrT) is looking to expand the availability of its power line communications (PLC) broadband services to accommodate the planned launched of its IPTV service, Videon, beyond Brasilia. BNamericas quotes the company’s network engineering director Sebastiao Nascimento as saying that the upgraded Videon platform, which will include a number of new features, will soon be launched in nine states. BrT launched PLC services in September 2007, to coincide with the launch of IPTV in the capital Brasilia. BrT’s plan is to deploy fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology and offer PLC as a distribution option within the end user’s home. The country’s telecoms operators have been testing PLC for several years but only resolved a number of interference-related problems in 2006. BrT expects the new service will offer a maximum 200Mbps download rate, although interference could cut this to around 60Mbps. BrT is also about to test a PLC gateway, which can manage distribution of broadband to homes in an apartment building, Nascimento said.

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