ADONES looking good

4 Aug 2008

WFN Strategies has announced that it is providing supervisory support to Angola Telecom for the construction and operation of the Angolan Domestic Cable Network System (ADONES), a new fibre-optic submarine cable which will run the length of the Angolan coastline. ADONES will consist of 1,500km of submarine cable, providing a backbone network for mobile and broadband traffic, covering around 70% of Angola’s population, which is mainly concentrated in coastal cities such as capital Luanda. The system is designed to complement the existing satellite network as well as Angola’s new nationwide terrestrial fibre network, which will interconnect with all ADONES landing stations. Ericsson of Sweden was previously awarded the system provision contract to deploy the coastal cable. WFN will provide network design and test plan reviews, factory acceptance and integration testing, review of survey reports, and acceptance monitoring of marine and terrestrial installation activities of the system. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, ADONES is expected to be ready for service by the end of this year, with the possibility of future links to other countries in the region including Namibia and Botswana.

Angola, Angola Telecom (AT), Ericsson