Nextel Brasil picks LHS for billing optimisation

1 Aug 2008

Brazilian digital trunking operator Nextel Brasil, which offers telecoms services throughout the country with a focus on the business market, has selected telecoms billing and customer care solutions firm LHS of Germany to provide it with its BSCS iX Release 2 customer care system. The upgraded LHS platform will enable Nextel Brasil to optimize its billing processes and work on the project is expected to be completed in Q3 2009. Commenting on the contract award, Dushyant Gandhi, chief technology officer and vice president of Nextel Telecomunicaes in Brazil said: ‘After having evaluated several vendors and reviewing our situation in detail, we reached the conclusion that BSCS iX Release 2 was the best option to enhance the support of our growing business’. He went on to say the decision to pick LHS again was ‘consistent with that of other Nextel companies in Latin America, allowing us, for example, to utilise some of the features previously developed for our affiliates in Mexico and Peru. At the same time, the local support by LHS’ America headquarters located in Brazil was another key factor in favour of this decision’.