Third mobile licence to be awarded in December

30 Jul 2008

Susanna Tonoyan, the press secretary of Armenia’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has told online newspaper that no fewer than 17 companies have applied for documents to take part in the country’s auction of a third mobile licence. The companies wishing to participate are France Telecom (France), CEO Blackrock Communications (Ireland), V-Tel (Jordan), GEO (UK), M&A Tele2 (Switzerland), Knightsbridge International Telecommunications Holding (Austria), Aetos Consulting Limited (UK), Kalba International (Egypt), AAA Capital (Germany), Auroratel (Russia), PJ Engineering (Finland), Eventis Telecom (Russia), EEC group (Egypt), mmC Group (Spain) and Samsson group (Germany). Two further companies, Salem Agencies and Services Co (SAS), applied but did not disclose the country they represent. The Armenians will announce its short list in 40 days and the licence winner will be revealed in December 2008.

Armenia, Ministry of Transport and Communications