NBC to be folded into NCC

23 Jul 2008

According to the Minister of State for Communication and Information, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki-Nakande, the government is set to merge the National Communications Commission (NCC) and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC). AllAfrica.com states that the minister told reporters in the capital Abuja that the two bodies perform similar assignments. ‘In the telecommunication sector, we have agreed that there is no need to have two regulatory authorities in the sector because as a result of convergence between information and communication technologies, a lot of the regulations must come under one umbrella. Presently we have the National Communications Commission (NCC) and Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC), so eventually we must merge them to become NCC,’ the minister said. He also stated that legislation will be introduced that will force the sharing of infrastructure between GSM operators. The regulator is keen to reduce network vandalisation and deployment costs.