NATCOM to review licence costs and tariffs

23 Jul 2008

Sierra Leone’s telecoms regulator NATCOM has announced that it is to review several aspects of the country’s existing legislation, reports IDG News Service. Among the topics to come under review include current licence agreements, the development of guidelines relating to licensing, tariff regulations, interconnection issues, competition issues, dispute resolution, universal access for ISPs and GSM operators. ‘Our new Commission is tentatively reviewing the charges and fees for government’s scarce resources, and will introduce new charges and fees for numbering and point microwave links in line with the ITU guidelines and the best practice globally,’ said NATCOM Chairman Siray A. Timbo at the regulator’s inaugural meeting with ISPs and GSM operators earlier this month. Licence fees and other regulatory charges for 2008 are said to be only temporary and subject to review at the end of the year, at which time the commission will benefit from market research and consultancy services from an ITU expert. Any regulatory changes may not take place until 2009.

Sierra Leone