WiMAX licensees unhappy with spectrum cap

22 Jul 2008

New Zealand WiMAX licence owners are claiming that rules imposed by the regulator to halt spectrum trading are hindering the development of the sector. A report from NZ Infotech Weekly says that the Commerce Commission’s decision to limit each WiMAX licence to 40MHz of spectrum is discouraging telcos from building networks. The regulator claims the 40MHz cap, which is in force until December 2012, is designed to increase the number of players with WiMAX spectrum, and that 40MHz is sufficient spectrum to deploy a nationwide network. Operators disagree, however, and say it does not make sense for several firms to deploy separate networks. Firms are also complaining that they are unable to utilise their WiMAX licences until current licensees lose their rights to frequencies in 2009 or 2010.