STC completes first phase of WiMAX rollout

22 Jul 2008

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has deployed Airspan Networks’ 3.5GHz WiMAX base stations in the first phase of its wireless broadband network rollout. The telco is now moving to the second phase, which includes the delivery of its first indoor and outdoor WiMAX subscriber units. A commercial launch date has not been given. STC’s 3.5GHz network uses Airspan’s 802.16e HiperMAX base stations, which can offer both fixed and mobile WiMAX services. Samir Matbouli, STC’s Vice President for the Enterprise Business unit, said, ‘Saudi Telecom continues to strive towards its objective of being a customer-centric and competitive company. We believe that WiMAX technology is one of the important tools in broadband wireless access technology which will enable Saudi Telecom to provide highly reliable broadband voice and data access quickly on demand, everywhere and anywhere, within Saudi Arabia.’