Globacom sets out two million subscriber target in first year

22 Jul 2008

Ghana’s recently anointed sixth mobile licensee, Globacom, has confidently predicted that it will sign up two million subscribers in its first year of operations, on the strength of its ‘multipurpose and inventive products’. Speaking at a press conference last Thursday after finalising the licence acquisition deal with the regulator, the National Communications Authority (NCA), Globacom COO Mohammed Jameel said his firm’s presence in the country would be a good thing since Globacom hoped to ‘transform and modernise the industry while exposing nuisance products being offered by their competitors’. ‘The government and the people of Ghana can only expect the very best in telephony from Globacom as we are set to roll out very aggressively in Ghana shortly,’ he added.

Globacom, which markets its services under the banner Glo Mobile, is expected to begin commercial operations in Ghana by the end of the year, and plans to invest USD2 billion in its network rollout programme.

Ghana, Globacom (Glo Nigeria)