3G handsets expected to reach eleven million by end-year

22 Jul 2008

Taiwan’s cellular operators are expected to have signed up more than eleven million 3G handset users by the end of this year, according to a report from China Economic News Service. Chunghwa Telecom currently has around three million 3G users, having already surpassed its end-2008 target of 2.8 million, while Far EasTone (FET) has 2.2 million 3G subscribers and Taiwan Mobile has 1.8 million. Smaller operators Vibo and Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless account for another million or so 3G users between them. 3G handset users now account for more than a third of all cellular subscribers in Taiwan, though many customers with 3G-capable phones are still connected via 2G tariffs, meaning the actual 3G user base will be lower than the total given by the operators.