Armenia to launch tender for third mobile operator

17 Jul 2008

Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) yesterday approved a detailed timetable for an international tender to auction a third mobile licence in the country. The selection process, including pre-qualification of bidders, is expected to take more than four months. Local news portal Armenialiberty writes that the head of the PSRC’s telecoms division, Gevorg Gevorgian, said prospective wireless operators would have to offer to pay at least EUR10 million (USD16 million) for the GSM-900/1800 licence and invest a minimum EUR200 million in their network to launch the service. PSRC chairman Robert Nazarian says the entry of a third operator would significantly improve sector competition. ‘We expect to have an improved quality of services and a reduction in tariffs,’ he said.

Armenia, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC)