Opta to impose tougher wholesale regulations on KPN

15 Jul 2008

The Netherlands’ telecoms regulatory authority Opta today announced plans to ratchet up the requirements placed on former monopoly operator KPN in the domestic wholesale business market in a bid to stimulate competition. The watchdog is concerned that there currently exists only scant competition in the segment, with businesses having little choice by way of alternative options. As a result Opta intends to extend KPN’s obligations when it comes to selling telephone subscriptions to other services providers. Thomson Financial reports that Opta hopes the new measure will ensure that alternative operators are able to offer a competing range of services to Dutch business customers. The regulator is also looking to compel cable providers to provide resell cable connections so that altnets can similarly compete in the market for basic cable TV services. Opta intends to publish its draft recommendations on 15 August; the new measures are expected to enter into force by the end of the year.

Netherlands, KPN