Wholesale price drops expected to benefit end-users, says regulator

2 Jul 2008

Bahraini incumbent Batelco’s newly approved reference offer for wholesale services, which entered into force yesterday, should lead to alternative telecoms service providers passing on savings to end-users, according to the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), quoted by Gulf Daily News. Wholesale charges for access to Batelco’s high speed fixed network have been reduced by more than 20% in the residential services sector and in excess of 30% in the corporate market, and the TRA anticipates that this will strengthen competition in particular for higher speed (above 256kbps) access services. Fixed line call termination has been reduced by 5%, with mobile call termination falling by 14%. Operator charges for national leased line circuits have been reduced by 35%, and the cost of international private leased circuits (IPLCs) has fallen by 25%.