MCT publishes details of 2.5GHz auction

2 Jul 2008

Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce (MCT) has published an information memorandum regarding the upcoming auction for 2.5GHz licences, writes BNamericas. 125MHz of spectrum has been allocated for wireless broadband and 3G services, in addition to 65MHz for subscriber TV. The 125MHz will be split into six unpaired blocks of 5MHz each and nine paired blocks of 5MHz each. According to the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA), the spectrum can be used for 3G- or WiMAX-based services. Bidders will be able to bid for paired or unpaired blocks of 5MHz, with a 30MHz spectrum cap for any one operator. Licences will be for a 15-year period. Winners will be required to launch commercial services within 18 months of receiving the licence, and will be expected to achieve network coverage of 95% within three years. The deadline for the submission of questions regarding the auction terms is 14 July.