Clearwire looks to Europe for WiMAX expansion

30 Jun 2008

The US wireless internet service provider Clearwire is looking for WiMAX partners in Europe to create an international WiMAX network. Earlier this year Clearwire joined with Sprint Nextel and a number of other firms to form a nationwide wireless broadband venture which is expected to launch towards the end of this year. Clearwire also owns a handful of WiMAX-capable licences in Europe and has already launched pre-WiMAX networks in Ireland, Denmark and Spain. A report from Unstrung quotes Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff, who says: ‘The transaction in the US has prompted some interest. It might behoove us to partner with those companies who might bring something more to the table.’ He says it is seeking potential partners who will ‘bring infrastructure and customer bases and help us achieve our objectives faster’.

United States, Clearwire