Flint Telecom acquires Dublin-based Prime Carrier

27 Jun 2008

Dublin-based telco Flint Telcom has acquired another Dublin firm, Prime Carrier, for an undisclosed sum, ElectricNews.Net reports. Under the deal Prime Carrier will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Flint Telecom, but will continue to operate as a separate, independent company and will continue to trade as Prime Carrier. The buyout was supported by Prime Carrier’s main shareholders – ACT Venture Capital and Advent Venture Partners, as well as Enterprise Ireland. It is understood Flint Telecom provides turnkey telecoms services to the global telecoms and media industry, licensing technology and services to partners – ISPs, cable companies, PBX vendors – which in turn provide next generation telecoms services to residential and business customers. ENN says that Prime Carrier’s main focus is on developing ‘on-demand’ solutions for the industry.