Girona deploys wireless broadband network for municipal services

26 Jun 2008

Tropos Networks, a wireless IP broadband specialist, and Neomedia, an engineering company involved in the design and deployment of advanced telecoms networks, have announced that they have deployed a broadband wireless network for the City of Girona. The network currently provides coverage of more than 600,000 square metres of the city’s Can Gibert del Pla and Santa Eugenia neighbourhoods. This milestone completes the first two phases of Girona’s plan to cover the entire 13 square kilometres of the city. Plans are to use the network as the foundation for enabling a range of services that provide benefits to the community. ‘Three years ago, we started to look at broadband wireless technology to address the digital divide in Girona as well as provide connectivity for the whole city for a variety of public and municipal applications,’ said Paco Berta Müller, director of IT Systems and Communications for the City of Girona. ‘We were impressed with the affordability and the efficiencies that Tropos’ networks have provided for communities in other cities around the world. Now, after two years of testing and deployments in Can Gibert del Pla and Santa Eugenia, we are more excited than ever about the power and potential of the network for our city.’ Phase three, currently underway, will cover an additional 600,000 square metres. Planned uses going forward include mobile police communications and information access via PDAs and laptops; centralised traffic management and monitoring of public transit vehicles; parking monitoring and management; centralised water control for public gardens; and real-time information for tourists to access on PDAs around town. The network is being funded by the City and Province of Girona, and the Catalan government.