NTRA approves new telephone call charges

25 Jun 2008

Egyptian telecoms regulator the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has approved increases of up to 50% in some charges for fixed line telephony calls, state news agency MENA reports. Other charges, such as installation fees and calls between landlines and mobile phones, have been cut significantly. Under the changes, from 1 July the charge for local calls will rise to EGP0.03 (USD0.0056) after the first minute from EGP0.02. But the charge for calls between mobile phones and landlines will fall to EGP0.3 a minute at all times from EGP0.45 at peak times or EGP0.35 at off-peak times. The charge for installing a new line will fall to EGP250 from EGP500 for residential subscribers and to EGP500 from EGP1,000 for business subscribers. The cost of direct-dial national long-distance calls at peak times will fall 20% to EGP0.16 a minute (for distances greater than 60km) and EGP0.08 a minute for shorter distances, it said. The new rates are the same as those for off-peak times.

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