Government rejects Comesa ICT proposals

25 Jun 2008

The government of Djibouti has reportedly rejected proposals from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa’s (Comesa) ICT regulatory and policy harmonisation programme, writes IDG News Service, opting instead to forge ahead with its own telecommunications sector policies. The Comesa ICT policy programme, paid for by the European Union, is designed to remove barriers to ICT usage in Comesa member states to encourage regional integration. Djibouti’s decision is a cause for concern to Comesa which says it will find it difficult to start implementing the programme if Djibouti is not onboard. On a more positive note, a spokesman for Comesa said ‘The programme is going smoothly in all other countries in the region with national working groups already set up except Djibouti, which is still refusing to be part of the programme because of its monopoly policies in the telecom sector.’