Google Android handset may not meet 4Q08 deadline

24 Jun 2008

Google’s much anticipated Android-based mobile handset may not make it onto the shelves until the fourth quarter of this year, and some firms are struggling even to meet that deadline, the Wall Street Journal reports without confirming sources. In November 2007 Google and its 30 partners announced that the Android system would be loaded on new phones and appearing in shops by the second half of this year. However, the Wall Street Journal claims that some mobile operators, such as Sprint Nextel, have turned their back on the Android phone due to a number of issues with the handsets. Software developers are also complaining about the Android software, the Journal said. They argue that while Google continues to make changes to the software, it is difficult for other software developers to create programmes that work with Android. Mobile operators also have issues with customising Android in order to promote and advertise their own internet services. while other handset makers are struggling to integrate the software and build custom interfaces to meet the needs of individual mobile carriers. On a more positive note, Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC) has confirmed it is developing an Android-based handset, and says it expects the mobile phone to be launched in the fourth quarter.

United States