wi-tribe launches WiMAX network

23 Jun 2008

Qtel has announced that its wireless broadband operation in Jordan, known as wi-tribe, has launched the country’s first WiMAX-based network. ‘Today, we have reached an important milestone in the evolution of the Qtel Group. Our vision for bringing broadband wireless access to more people, connecting people and business more easily, is coming to fruition,’ said Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani, Chairman of the Qtel Group. ‘The launch of our first services in Jordan is just the beginning. As the Qtel Group continues to expand, we will continue to leverage our strengths to deliver important technologies to new markets, and enhanced services across all operations. As always, our customers are our focus and it is this passion that lies squarely behind wi-tribe.’

wi-tribe was founded by Qtel and Saudi-based AA Turki Corporate Trading and Construction (ATCO), but also enjoys a strong partnership with US firm Clearwire, one of the world’s leading wireless broadband service providers. Wi-tribe intends to leverage the Qtel Group’s regional operating experience and multinational footprint, ATCO’s network of investors and deal makers, and Clearwire’s broadband wireless experience to rapidly capture WiMAX spectrum. The brand is focused on delivering excellent network quality and services in targeted areas, mainly for residential, small office/home office customers, and developing a strong platform for distribution of broadband content.

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