Anatel to postpone analogue shut down?

23 Jun 2008

Brazil’s telecoms regulator Anatel is proposing postponing the deadline to stop the use of analogue systems on mobile bands by twelve months, the watchdog said in a statement. In December 2006 the regulator approved a plan which would have terminated all analogue systems operating in the 824MHz-849MHz and 869MHz-894MHz bands by 30 June 2008. However, it is now looking to reassess that deadline and is asking interested parties and the general public to submit their opinions on the matter. The analogue frequencies are currently used by fixed-wireless and mobile telephony providers to provide telecoms access in remote parts of the country. BNamericas writes that Anatel’s proposal consists of the extension of the deadline only to support fixed telephony and does not affect the deadline for the end of the use of these systems by mobile telephony.