Mobile bundles

19 Jun 2008

US operator Verizon has introduced packages which allow customers to bundle mobile phone, high speed internet and TV together. Previously Verizon customers had to subscribe to a landline to save on their high speed internet and TV service. Customers with any national Verizon Wireless calling plan of at least 450 minutes are eligible to bundle it with either the FiOS internet service, which is now available in 16 states, or DSL high speed internet, available in 26 states, in the Flex Double Play product. The 6.5 million consumers across the nation with access to FiOS television can also subscribe to a triple-play package. Customers must also be willing to sign up for Verizon’s free One Bill program that combines all charges into a single bill.

The new packages are seen as a necessary diversification from its diminishing landline business. Verizon reported that its fixed line subscribers fell more than 8% to 40.5 million in the first quarter of this year, while in contrast, its wireless arm is one of its fastest growing divisions

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