Nextel to follow CDMA route to 3G

17 Jun 2008

Digital trunking operator NII Holdings, which operates in a number of Latin American markets under the Nextel brand, has chosen to develop a 3G platform in Peru based on CDMA technology, due to its compatibility with the goup’s legacy iDEN networks. ‘We’re deploying a CDMA 3G network in Peru as a way to offer higher speeds and capability to our existing customers, maintaining our differentiation of Push to Talk and creating a path for us to move eventually into some of the higher consumer segments with a pre-paid offering, which could potentially as much as double our target market in a place like Peru,’ NII Holdings’ executive chairman Steven Shindler told BNamericas. In July last year Nextel Peru won a 35MHz nationwide block of spectrum in the 1.9GHz D and E frequency bands. NII will deploy CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev A technology, Shindler said, adding that NII plans to select a vendor by the end of this year and expects the network to be commercially available at the end of 2009. The capital investment will be USD50 million and operating expenses USD30 million.

Peru, Entel Peru