Army retracts security objection to Telia sale

16 Jun 2008

The Financial Times reports that Sweden’s armed forces have cleared the way for the full privatisation of TeliaSonera, removing a potential obstacle to France Telecom’s USD41 billion ‘friendly’ takeover proposal, or other mooted tie-ups with groups including Telenor. ‘The Swedish armed forces believe that a change in ownership of TeliaSonera is possible from a security point of view – provided that necessary measures are taken to ensure the security of the Swedish armed forces and other authorities,’ a report to the government concluded yesterday. ‘We have for many years invested in a robust telecom network that could withstand an armed attack on Sweden or an IT attack,’ said Per Nilsson, head of the armed forces’ command, control and communications division, who continued, ‘We are worried that a future owner could use both the knowledge of how we constructed the (infrastructure) and its location to perform denial of service attacks against Sweden…analysis confirmed our initial concerns but we have come up with some positive ways of handling it,’ without revealing any actual suggested solutions.

Sweden, Telia Company