Alca-Lu announces mobile WiMAX trial with True

12 Jun 2008

Alcatel-Lucent has announced plans to conduct a trial of wireless broadband services using WiMAX 802.16e-2005 mobile technology with True Corp, Thailand’s only fully integrated telecoms provider. For the trial Alcatel-Lucent will provide True with a comprehensive WiMAX solution that operates on the 2.5GHz frequency band, including base stations, wireless access controller, operation and maintenance centre, customer premises equipment (CPE) – including WiMAX CPE and wireless cards for laptop computers – to deliver mobile broadband internet access. Alca-Lu will also provide its WiMAX engineering expertise and integration services for the trial, which will take place in Phatumthanee province on the outskirts of Bangkok. Thiti Nantapatsiri, Managing Director Home/Consumer Solution & High Speed Access, True Corporation, said: ‘True’s initiative reflects our position as Thailand’s convergence solutions leader. We plan to offer our customers the advantages of WiMAX-based technologies that allow for seamless and uninterrupted nomadic connection to advanced services for customers in the remote areas of Thailand while on-the-go using WiMAX-enabled devices. With more than 12.5 million mobile subscribers and 570,000 wireline broadband customers under the True Group, we hope to further propel the concept of today’s convergence lifestyle with the addition of WiMAX broadband services.’ Thailand is still awaiting the award of commercial WiMAX licences from telecoms regulator the NTC.

Thailand, Alcatel-Lucent, True Corp