FET and Tatung to share WiMAX networks

11 Jun 2008

Taiwanese WiMAX licensees Far EasTone (FET) and Tatung InfoComm have revealed that they plan to share their WiMAX network infrastructure to cut rollout costs. Both firms hold 2.5GHz WiMAX licences covering southern Taiwan. A report from DigiTimes says FET will be responsible for installing WiMAX networks covering the areas from Taichung and central Taiwan to Tainan, while Tatung will deploy infrastructure between Tainan and Kaohsiung. They will then be able to roam on each other’s networks to give full coverage of the southern region, while roaming agreements with licensees in the north will enable them to offer a nationwide service. FET and Tatung had each been expected to spend around TWD10 billion (USD330 million) rolling out a network covering the whole southern region, but their deployment costs should now be around half that figure.