T-Mobile’s coffee complaint

9 Jun 2008

T-Mobile USA is suing Starbucks for allegedly failing to adhere to an agreement over the provision of Wi-Fi wireless internet services in Starbucks coffee shops. The US cellco had provided Wi-Fi access across the Starbucks chain for seven years but earlier this year a new contract was signed with AT&T as the service provider partner. T-Mobile is complaining that AT&T has started offering free internet access for two hours to every Starbucks customer, even though T-Mobile still owns the network infrastructure. T-Mobile claims that AT&T is effectively giving away something which is not theirs to give away and it is undercutting the paid-for service that T-Mobile is still delivering in Starbucks outlets. Under the transition agreement T-Mobile was given rights to run Starbucks networks until January next year.

United States, AT&T, T-Mobile US