Regulator’s board rejects asymmetry in MTRs

6 Jun 2008

Portuguese telecoms regulator Anacom’s board has dismissed proposals for the reintroduction of asymmetry in mobile termination rates (MTR). National newspaper Jornal de Negocios has reported the proposals were rejected following a public consultation on the matter.

In October 2007, Anacom presented proposals that would have allowed third place mobile operator Sonaecom’s Optimus to charge a 20% premium in MTRs when compared with Portugal Telecom’s (PT) mobile unit Telecomunicacoes Moveis Nacionais (TMN) and Vodafone Portugal. Optimus has around a 16.5% market share while TMN and Vodafone each have over 40%. However, PT and Vodafone had argued that Optimus should not benefit from asymmetry as it is not a new operator, having been in the market for nine years.

Anacom chairman Amado da Silva has not set a date for the regulator’s final decision on the matter but told parliament it would be very soon.

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