AT&T offers download speeds of 1.7Mbps

6 Jun 2008

US giant AT&T has upgraded its high speed packet access (HSPA) 3.5G wireless network and increased its download speeds by 20%. The HSDPA improvement allows the operator to now offer download speeds of up to 1.7Mbps. The company also expects to have deployed HSUPA across its entire 3.5G network by the end of this month to increase its current maximum upload speeds of 800kbps by 50% to 1.2Mbps. AT&T will offer mobile broadband services to all customers who have HSPA-enabled handsets and laptops, including any device with a LaptopConnect wireless modem. AT&T currently offers 3.5G services in 275 markets across the US, and the company says they will reach 350 markets by the end of 2008.

United States, AT&T