IIJ launches FiberAccess/A service for ACCA Networks

3 Jun 2008

Internet access and comprehensive network solutions provider Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) has announced the launch of its FiberAccess/A service for fibre-optic lines provided by Japanese broadband provider ACCA Networks. IIJ says the new service will provide transmission speeds of up to 10Mbps. Under an agreement between the two firms, IIJ will oversee the entire service, from acquiring access lines to maintenance, and provide total support for building a network environment, whether installing internet access lines or WAN lines for internet-based VPNs and other applications. IIJ says it has been providing fibre-optic internet connectivity services to corporate customers via its FiberAccess/F service, which is compatible with NTT’s B-FLET’S and FLET’S Hikari Premium services. The introduction of the IIJ FiberAccess/A service is expected to offer a richer line-up of broadband internet access services for corporate users.