Telekom Austria upgrades IPTV

2 Jun 2008

Telekom Austria has contracted Alcatel-Lucent to enhance its IP-based television service to allow it to launch time-shift video broadcasts and high definition TV (HDTV). Customers of the telco’s aonTV service will be able to stop live TV broadcasts, take a break, and then continue to watch the transmission of the programme, while the addition of HDTV content offers better quality video transmissions. ‘Our customers can now enjoy a higher degree of convenience and freedom to watch the programmes they want’, said Hannes Ametsreiter, Chief Marketing Officer at Telekom Austria. The new services have been introduced prior to the start of the European football championships being held this month in Austria and Switzerland. Telekom Austria is planning to increase coverage of aonTV services throughout this year, especially in rural areas; aonTV is currently only available to 52% of Austrian households.