DoCoMo to offer home-based high speed mobile data/VoIP package on FOMA

28 May 2008

Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo is launching a new service designed to offer high speed mobile data and VoIP calls on home broadband networks, using FOMA 3G handsets. From the start of June, people signing up to the new ‘Home U’ service will be able to use a DoCoMo FOMA phone to connect to a home broadband network via WLAN routers, allowing them to receive a 54Mbps data connection and IP telephony calls. The cellco, owned by Japanese incumbent NTT is billing the service as Japan’s first consumer service for fixed-mobile convergence, and will allow users to download large-volume data, such as video, with the speed and convenience of broadband. VoIP calls to other Home U users will be free of charge, while calls to non-Home U customers will be 30% lower than standard FOMA charges, it said. At launch, DoCoMo is offering the ‘no signup fee’ service with the N906iL onefone mobile/WLAN handset, and a monthly rental charge of JPY1,029 (USD64.3).