SkyLink expands Rev A services

27 May 2008

The Russian CDMA-450 operator SkyLink has launched EV-DO revision A technology over its networks in Moscow and St Petersburg, pre-empting the introduction of W-CDMA 3G services by the country’s big three operators later this year. SkyLink’s upgraded networks offer peak data speeds of 3.1Mbps. The firm had launched its first EV-DO Rev A services earlier this year in Yekatrinburg and it says it plans to upgrade its networks in all areas where it has coverage, CNews reports. With only a few hundred thousand customers on its networks compared with the many millions of the big three operators, MTS, Vimplecom and MegaFon, SkyLink is a small player in the overall Russian mobile market, though it is keen to make a mark in the mobile data sector, with plans to increase its revenues from data services so that they contribute around 50% of total sales this year.

Russia, SkyLink