TelOne’s Harare CDMA network nears capacity

23 May 2008

Zimbabwean PSTN operator TelOne has told Herald Business that its CDMA network in the capital, Harare, now has around 18,000 active subscribers, and has almost reached ‘full carrying capacity in terms of operability’, although it has maximum ‘potential capacity’ of 30,000 users. TelOne’s CDMA service, which has been re-branded Connect Easy, allows handset users to roam in a 20km radius and can transmit voice and data. The company plans to roll out the service nationwide, with the aim of serving ‘1.5 million subscribers in the next few years,’ by taking up the slack in the market left by the country’s three GSM mobile operators, which are all suffering severe network congestion. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, state-owned TelOne launched commercial CDMA2000 1x 450MHz wireless in the local loop (WiLL) services in Harare and the surrounding districts of Ruwa and Chitungwiza in early June 2007, following a network rollout by China’s Huawei Technologies.

Zimbabwe, TelOne