Telekom hit by Amis in court

23 May 2008

Slovenian alternative telco Amis (formerly Medinet) has filed a lawsuit against incumbent PTO Telekom Slovenije claiming damages of EUR56.83 million (USD89.56 million) for allegedly abusing its dominant position in the broadband market. Telekom Slovenije issued a statement saying that the claim is for payment of reparations under Article 10 of the Prevention of Restriction of Competition Act and violations of decisions by the Post and Electronic Communications Agency (APEK) in the inter-operator broadband access market, in the unbundled local loop and sub-loop access market, in the fibre-optic connections to co-location market, and also regarding ‘price scissoring’. Telekom Slovenije added that it will respond ‘in the legally required time’ to the lawsuit , which it argues is ‘completely groundless’, because ‘[Telekom Slovenije] fully observes the valid legislation and the decisions issued by [APEK], and conducts business in accordance with good business practices.’