Uganda Telecom's network expansion almost complete

21 May 2008

Uganda Telecom has announced that it is close to completing a GSM/EDGE network expansion project that will add 129 base stations to its network, to take the total number installed to 250. The expansion project is being undertaken by French equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent and Chinese firm Huawei Technologies. ‘We are plugging the holes and providing network coverage in areas where it was not there before,’ Hans Paulsen, the company’s chief commercial officer, said. ‘We are the only truly Ugandan company, and we best understand the communication needs of our people.’ According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database, in April 2007 Libya Africa Portfolio (LAP) Green Com, part of the Libyan government-owned investment vehicle Libyan Africa Portfolio (LAP), acquired a 69% stake in Uganda Telecom (UTL).

Uganda, Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)