T-Mobile to remain sole iPhone seller in Germany

21 May 2008

Reuters reports that T-Mobile Deutschland expects to remain the sole seller of Apple’s iPhone handset in Germany, according to the cellco’s CEO Hamid Akhavan. ‘We have a very good relationship with Apple…at least in Germany it is exclusive, and we expect it to remain as such,’ he said. ‘If and when there is a 3G iPhone we expect to have it exclusively in Germany as well,’ he added, in reference to an as yet-unconfirmed new model of the device that will support the faster data speeds of UMTS networks.

Last month, T-Mobile began offering the iPhone for EUR99 (USD154) with its most expensive contract of EUR89 per month, giving rise to speculation it was trying to clear the shelves for a new version of the handset. Apple itself is currently listing the iPhone as ‘unavailable’, perhaps a sign that it is lowering stock in advance of the new model, expected by many to be launched next month. Last week T-Mobile reported that it had sold over 100,000 iPhones since it began offering them in November last year.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland