Someone’s rolling out WiMAX, Cumbaya

21 May 2008

Ecuadorian state-owned fixed line incumbent Andinatel has rolled out a WiMAX network in the Cumbaya area of the capital, Quito, reports BNamericas. With its investment in the technology reaching USD400,000 so far, the telco plans to expand WiMAX local access infrastructure to areas of the country without fixed broadband network coverage, Andinatel executive Pablo Enriquez was quoted as saying, adding that the operator hopes to reach a total of 200,000 internet subscribers next year, with WiMAX playing a significant role in reaching that target. Company president Cesar Regalado recently told BNamericas that Andinatel has earmarked total CAPEX for this year of USD227 million, including USD58 million for fixed telephony and USD26.5 million for broadband and data operations, with the remainder set aside for connectivity and social programmes.